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As ex-girlfriend Tila Tequila deals with an alleged assault by Shawne Merriman, it must be hard for Courtenay Semel to get out of bed each morning.

But the talentless socialite knows there are people in America much worse off than she is; specifically, the 47 million citizens that lack health insurance.

In a show of support for these individuals, Semel took to the only outlet she’s famous enough to have: Facebook. She posted the following message on her account yesterday:

Mariah Carey's World
(Frederick M. Brown)

It’s unclear how many people followed her order and posted this as their status for the day. We’re guessing Joe Wilson was not among any of those that did.

We make fun of Courtenay often because her name is spelled stupidly; she pretends to be a lesbian in order to make headlines; and because she once lit an ex-girlfriend’s hair on fire.

But, hey, at least she’s taking a stand on an issue with this Facebook post. That’s preferable to celebrities that think the world needs to hear about their every thought and mundane action (yes, we’re looking at you, Miley Cyrus).

Has Semel changed your mind on health care reform? Where do you stand on the issue?