Website Offers $25K For Levi Johnston Nude

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Levi Johnston has bills to pay in order to support baby Tripp.

Whether he resorts to taking it all off for an adult entertainment site in order to pay them is another ball of wax, but hey, stranger things have happened.

The website Straight College Men has made an offer to Levi Johnston for $25,000 following his statement last week that he'd go nude for the right price.

Will he take it?

The website writes in an open letter to the man who put a baby in Bristol Palin:

"Having seen your recent interview where you said you'd consider posing nude for the right price, Straight College Men would like to offer you $25,000."

They then describe what Levi must do on video to earn his paycheck. You can use your imagination ... or just move on to our next article now.

Levi Johnston Shirtless

Tripp Johnston has already gone nude for GQ. Will Levi?

"Given your well known heterosexuality, you likely don't know Straight College Men and its hundreds of naked straight men, but we've been around for eight years," the offer continues, asking Johnston to come out to their Vegas home base.

"We're prepared to offer you 50 times the regular amount for your time. We would pay, too, for your first class flight, hotel accommodations, and limo."

Unzipped magazine has already made its own offer to see Levi Johnston naked. Okay, we're going to move on to some real news now, we promise.

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