Levi Johnston Loves Cougars, Gays, May Pose Nude

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America's favorite unwed teen baby daddy, Levi Johnston, made headlines this week by attending the Teen Choice Awards for some reason (with date Kathy Griffin) and giving another round of unintentionally hilarious interviews about Sarah Palin.

The 19-year-old Levi, who put a baby up in Bristol Palin last year, is taking every opportunity to speak, mostly nonsensically, about anything he's asked about.

Last night, that mission brought him to Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.

Appearing from his home in Alaska via Skype, Levi Johnston took time away from hunting to drop the following bits of knowledge on our domes:

  • On whether he likes cougars: “A little bit, yeah.”
  • On whether Sarah Palin is America’s top cougar: “Not my favorite, no.”
  • On if he’d ever pose nude: “It depends on the money, man.”
  • On being a gay pin-up boy: “I think it’s great man. Um, I like my fans.”
  • On how much he pays Bristol Palin in child support: "Come on man, you know you have to talk to my lawyer about that."
  • On if there were any gays in Wasilla, Alaska: “Oh yeah. We got gays in Wasilla, Anchorage. They’re all up here.”

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