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You’re welcome, fellas. We guess?

Sharon Stone was not about to let a silly thing like her age (51) stop her from baring all. The notorious Basic Instinct actress recently posed topless for the cover of French magazine Paris Match, showing some serious skin as usual …

This is actually fairly tame for Sharon Stone. And blurry.

“I’m a person who feels that if it’s appropriate for the character I’m playing or the mood of the piece, then [nudity is] no big thing,” Sharon Stone said.

Looks like she meant it, too. For the photo shoot, the mother of three posed in corsets, gloves and high leather boots for photographer Alix Malka.

Okay, so it’s not Vanessa Hudgens nude. But it doesn’t exactly carry a serious risk of imprisonment, either, if you know what we mean. We mean Stone is three times older than the Hudge was at the time those pictures were snapped.