Samantha Burke: Former Hooters Waitress!

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"No one goes to Hooters for wings." - Chris Rock

Anyone who has ever actually set foot in an establishment such as Hooters knows all too well that these words from Chris Rock could not ring more true.

Equally accurate? The fact that no matter how much you might want to, you will never actually get that hot Hooters waitress to come back to your place.

Jude Law did, though!

Well, maybe he didn't pick up Samantha Burke at Hooters. But she did used to work there, and he definitely picked - and knocked - her up at some point!

A Samantha Burke Picture

Samantha Burke and a Hooters co-worker whose face has been blurred out. Kind of creepy, but probably for the best for this co-worker to remain anonymous.

A year ago, before the aspiring model became known as Jude Law's baby mama, Samantha Burke was slingin' wings at a Hooters in Pensacola Beach, Florida.

What marvelous career endeavors followed from that point on.

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Samantha Burke and Hooters Girls
Samantha Burke, Hooters Girls
Samantha Burke Image

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Samantha Burke is an aspiring model from Florida. She is said to be 24 years of age. Samantha Burke got knocked up by Jude Law in early... More »
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