Presenting: The Hills Cast as Fine Art

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In really random news, artist Karin Bubas has debuted a collection of pastel portraits of the major players in The Hills cast, featuring chalk pastel shows of Lauren Conrad, Spencer Pratt, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port and more!

The Bubas exhibition, entitled "With Friends Like These..." is on display at the Charles H. Scott Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia until September 13.

The exhibit was inspired by the trademark expressions of the characters.

"We all share Lauren's frustration as she fights with Audrina and bursts into tears, watery black mascara rolling down her cheeks," says curator Cate Rimmer.

"We experience aggravation over how Spencer treats Heidi and her frustrating complacency... these drawings conjure visions of a collective social experience."

A tad melodramatic, but kind of totally true! Here's Heidi Pratt doing her classic pout. Say what you will about The Hills, this artist did an amazing job ...

Heidi Pouts

A vintage Heidi Montag moment ... immortalized in pastel.

It's hard to say what inspired this series of emotional portraits, but we have to say, they are quite well done and bring back quite memories. And who knows, in 100 years, maybe even Justin-Bobby will be worth something this way.

Click to enlarge more pastel representations of The Hills stars ...

J-Bobby Pic
Holly Montag Pouts
Spencer Pratt Painting
Sad Audrina
Whitney Port Gasps
Stephanie Cries
Heidi Pratt Painting

[Images: Karin Bubas / Charles H. Scott Gallery]

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