Police Track Dr. Conrad Murray Propofol Shipments

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Michael Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, had a stash of the powerful anesthetic Propofol hidden closet in the late pop star's house.

That has been known, or at least presumed. But there are now signs that Murray either stored Propofol elsewhere or received regular deliveries.

Law enforcement sources say that they found three large bottles of Propofol and five smaller vials of the anesthetic in Michael Jackson's house.

The drugs were found in the closet attached to Dr. Conrad Murray's bedroom - where he administered Propofol and Jackson died in his bed June 25.

Police think Murray left him unattended after giving him the fatal dose.

In any event, anesthesiologists say if the stash was used to keep Michael asleep for eight hours, it would require about three bottles and five vials. In other words, the entire "stash" would have lasted one night. So he likely had a supplier.

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Conrad Murray regularly administered Propofol to keep Jackson asleep.

It is believed Murray was getting shipments of the drug through FedEx and may have been storing it outside Jackson's home, so he could regularly administer it.

A search warrant used to raid the Las Vegas pharmacy that Dr. Conrad Murray has used in the past has been obtained and there appears to be a direct link between the doctor and Propofol - and possibly a link to Michael Jackson as well.

Documents show authorities were looking for credit card receipts and other documents related to drugs purchased by Dr. Murray on May 12, 2009. The warrant mentions specific vials of Propofol manufactured by Teva and Hospira, Inc.

The LAPD found Propofol manufactured by Teva at Jackson's house.

Authorities were looking for FedEx records relating to "purchase, transfer, receiving, ordering, delivery and storage of Propofol to Dr. Conrad Murray."

The bottom line is that the authorities believe they know where and when the drugs that killed Jackson were purchased, but are leaving no stone unturned.

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