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Since Jon & Kate Plus 8 tandem Jon and Kate Gosselin announced they were getting a divorce on June 22, their lives have been turned upside down.

Kate has tried to shore up business deals and flaunt her toned body. Jon has traveled a lot and started giving it to anything with breasts and a pulse.

But despite rumors of his partying and womanizing – most recently with his kids’ babysitter Stephanie Santoro – Jon says nothing is what it seems.

“Things are out of control,” Jon tells In Touch. “Many people think that everything moved too fast, that I was out partying much too quickly. But Kate gave up on the marriage last October, and the divorce will be finalized September 30.”

Jon Gosselin sat down with the celebrity gossip tabloid August 2 in New York to set the record straight about his marriage, his girlfriend(s), how all of this personal drama is affecting his eight children and why he’s tired of being blamed!

Some other revelations

  • He is not a womanizer, despite dating two or three chicks at once.
  • He’s “in love” with and has “always been true to [Hailey Glassman].”
  • Kate Gosselin exploits their eight kids to get more time on screen.

And so the circus that is the life and times of Jon Gosselin continues. We can only imagine what Kate Major (a.k.a. Kate 2.0) has to say about this in her big tell-all interview tonight, and what his kids will tell their team of psychologists.