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Jon Gosselin’s girlfriend, Hailey Glassman says she is just “a normal 22-year-old girl.” One who is really, truly in love with her family friend turned boyfriend.

The admitted college-era pot smoker tells E! she never planned on being famous, and there is plenty of blame to go around for her 15 minutes of infamy.

“Before all this, I was happy-go-lucky,” said Glassman, who (like Jon) is tired of being blamed. “I was never a follower or a gossiper. I did my own thing.”

“To be honest, this whole thing, I have lost my happiness through this all. I don’t want to say that the public and media stripped me of all my self-esteem.”

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“But they have. I’ve been the sacrificial lamb in this situation.”

Oh, and don’t even get Hailey Glassman started on TLC.

“More like the lying channel,” she said, mocking The Learning Channel.

“TLC didn’t allow [Jon and Kate Gosselin] to come out and say their marriage was done a year ago,” she said. “No network owns what I can and cannot say.”

One thing she has to say is that she and Jon didn’t hook up until after his marriage had come undone, and they went from friends to best friends to more.

“It’s very carefree and fun,” she said. “We just laugh … like, our best times are when it’s just me and him. We both enjoy just simple things in life.”

Having already dismissed Jon’s rumored girlfriend No. 2, Kate Major, as being “cuckoo,” Hailey also insists that nanny Stephanie Santoro is just a nanny:

“Jon has a good heart. [Stephanie Santoro] has a child and he felt bad. He knows how it feels to have a child you’re not able to afford, so he hired her.”

As for the future with Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman just wants to be happy:

“I don’t like to talk in the future. I live in the present. As of right now, I want to be happy. I want Jon to be happy. I want every side to be happy.”

“People need to realize there’s two sides to every story… TLC, they are telling you one thing but the truth is always in that fuzzy area. You can’t touch it, but only the people contracted can see it, but no one can say it.”

“It’s a dirty, dirty world. Bamboozling, this world,” Glassman mused.

“I didn’t know any of this would happen. If I wanted fame, don’t you think I would be out all the time? I stay home with my parents because I feel safe.”