Kristin Cavallari Doesn't Really Care About The Hills

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Making the rounds promoting her straight-to-DVD movie Van Wilder: Freshman Year and reminding everyone that she will be on this fall's season of The Hills, Kristin Cavallari wants everyone to know she doesn't really care about the latter.

Despite having begun her reality TV career in 2004 on Laguna Beach, Kristin hates watching herself on TV, and aspires to be a successful, versatile film actress.

"I want to do movies that are #1 at the box office and also indie ones that are dark and miserable," she said. "I see myself with a career like Cameron Diaz."

Don't hold your breath for that. Kristin Cavallari does admit that going back to being a reality star is not exactly a step in the right direction. Contrarily ...

"I haven't been able to audition for anything since, contractually, MTV won't let me. But I'll tell you this - I've gotten more phone calls about going on other shows since. ... But doing The Hills has made me want to act so badly."

"I need a challenge and kinda feel like The Hills is taking me a step backwards. But that just makes me want to act that much more and try that much harder."

A Kristin Cavallari Picture

Kristin Cavallari says joining the The Hills is really little more than a promotional vehicle for her mediocre films, and more importantly herself. [Photo: Fame Pictures]

"It was a really hard choice for me. MTV's been asking me to do it for years. I want to be an actress 100 percent, but with Van Wilder: Freshman Year coming out, I thought this would be an exciting way for my fans to reconnect with me."

"They haven't seen what I've been up to since Laguna Beach. I thought it would help and, after all, this is what made me famous in the first place."

There's a fat paycheck in it for her too, of course. Who can complain getting $60,000-plus per episode to read cue cards and booze it up at clubs?

At least she's got her priorities in line. We already miss Lauren Conrad, but look forward to seeing all the staged drama Kristin brings to the table.

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