Dr. Allan Metzger's Ties to Michael Jackson Scrutinized

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A doctor tied to Michael Jackson, Dr. Allan Metzger, was reprimanded by a Medical Board in September 2000 for "fraudulent medical practice based on prescriptions written for an international entertainer, using a false/fictitious name."

Dr. Metzger confirmed to TMZ that this entertainer is Janet Jackson.

The doctor has also treated Michael Jackson, gone on tour with the star on his HIStory tour in the 1990s and videotaped his wedding to Debbie Rowe.

He is a lupus specialist - Michael Jackson reportedly had the disease.

In the late 90s, Metzger wrote prescriptions for Janet Jackson using the name of her chef, Ricardo Macchi, he admits, saying the prescriptions were for diuretics.

Macchi sued Dr. Metzger over the matter but the suit was dropped.

He also wrote a prescription for a hepatitis B injection - he says he wrote it because Janet was going on tour and wanted to guard against the disease.

"I had done this for Janet for her anonymity," he said.

Allan Metzger

Michael Jackson with Dr. Arnold Metzger. [Photo: TMZ]

As for Michael Jackson, Metzger claimed, "I have not treated Michael Jackson for many years." He says he has talked to Jackson on the phone over the years, even giving him medical advice. As for whether he prescribed meds for Jackson?

"I am not at liberty to discuss Michael's medical care," he said.

Doctors associated with Jackson are coming under intense scrutiny due to the singer's death June 25 from what is looking more and more like a drug overdose.

His former dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, also denied that there were any allegations against him regarding Jackson's death (he is rumored to be the biological father of the entertainer's adolescent children Prince and Paris).

Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, has spoken to Los Angeles police regarding the superstar's sudden collapse due to cardiac arrest last week.

He is not a suspect in any crime, but his close relationship - and proximity - to Jackson at the time of his death has led to many suspicions about his role.

Whoever was treating Michael Jackson, may questions remain. Who was enabling what is looking more and more like a serious addiction to pain medication?

A new report says Jackson made the rounds at L.A. doctors' offices, often getting anesthesia for minor outpatient procedures that did not require anesthesia.

One medical sources, calling him "an anesthesia addict," says Jackson would get cosmetic surgery, collagen injections, Botox and acne treatment for which he would often be put under or sedated, even when it was not medically necessary.

Jackson would get controlled substances, such as Demerol, during and after these minor procedures. Police found the anesthesia Propofol in Jackson's house.

We're not rushing to judgment, or being critical, but evidence is piling up that Michael had an addiction to serious drugs. The million-dollar question remains: which doctors were happy to oblige him and with what specifically?

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