Adnan Ghalib to Stand Trial For Ramming Dude with Car

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One of the shadiest of Britney Spears' many former boyfriends will stand trial on felony assault with a deadly weapon, battery and hit-and-run charges.

A judge decided there is indeed enough evidence to prosecute Adnan at a preliminary hearing yesterday, so off to trial the case will go. Sucks to be him.

The alleged victim - oddly named Ram Moskowitz - testified at the hearing about how the seedy celebrity gossip photographer struck him with a car.

The incident took place as Ram tried serving Adnan with legal papers in a restraining order case with Britney Spears (he must stay away for three years).

Adnan Ghalib did not testify at the hearing yesterday.

He will be arraigned on July 23. If convicted on all charges, he faces up to seven years in prison. Maybe he and Sam Lutfi can share a cell at some point.


We're sure the ladies are diggin' Adnan Ghalib's new bohemian style. Unfortunately, there are no co-ed prisons in the state of California. [Photo: Fame Pictures]


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