The Bachelorette Recap: Ed Bolts, But For How Long?

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The girlfriend mystery remains unsolved, but things got a lot more interesting on The Bachelorette last night. In an unexpected twist, hunky Ed decided to choose his career over love, proving that even The Bachelorette cannot escape the recession.

In any event, Jillian Harris' self-esteem took another huge hit.

Roasting Ashley

The night began in Whistler, British Columbia, where Jilly had a one-on-one zip-line adventure date with Michael, who ended up getting a rose.

She later took Wes, Robby, Jake, Kiptyn, Tanner, Ed, Reid, and Mark on a  snowmobiling adventure and went on another solo date with Jesse.

Jesse got a rose on his date, and Ed received one on the group date, even as he told Jillian he'd been told by his boss to come back or get fired.

In the end, Ed decided to leave, so that left just one more dude for Jilly ax.

Mark received that honor.

As for Ed's future, he dealt Jillian Harris quite a blow, but according to some Bachelorette spoilers circulating online, we haven't seen the last of him yet.

A source on good authority suggests that someone leaves The Bachelorette "for personal reasons" and then possibly returns in later episodes. Could this be Ed?

Considering his strange insistence on keeping the date rose given to him by Jillian even as he opted to discontinue his stint on the show, that would make sense.

Ed clearly fits this conjecture, and we wouldn't be surprised to see his handsome self resurface before the season concludes. Cue the obligatory Chris Harrison's voiceover, promising "the most shocking twist ... in Bachelor history."

Here's what doesn't add up - did Ed come on The Bachelorette knowing his employer would be upset if he were gone two months? One would think his boss would have granted permission first ... but then why take it back now?

Is this a contrived stunt, like the character of Dave? Time will tell.

A recap of who's left after week five ...

In: Mike, Jesse (one-on-one dates); Kiptyn Reid, Robby, Jake, Tanner P., Wes.

Out: Ed (work), Mark (rose ceremony).

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