Meet the So You Think You Can Dance Top 20!

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After rigorous auditions across America and another round of cuts in Vegas, So You Think You Can Dance has selected a crop of 20 fabulous young dancers for Season 5.

Who are these poppers, krumpers and tappers (all real styles, apparently)? Take a look at this synopsis of the So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 below and learn ...


Randi Evans, 23, is a jazz dancer from Orem, Utah.

Quote: "I'm really down to earth. I love to go camping and four-wheeling, so this is a very glam side of me."

Karla Garcia, 23, is a jazz/contemporary dancer from Oxon Hill, Md.

Quote: "For me [the biggest challenge] is the ballroom styles. You have to be very fluid and upright, and I think I'm more of a gritty, attack kind of dancer so I think that it's going to be a good challenge for me."

Caitlin Kinney, 21, is a contemporary dancer from Annapolis, Md.

Fun Fact: She didn't decide to hit Memphis auditions until the day before, but both she and her sister Megan (who auditioned in Miami) made it through to Vegas Week.

Quote: "I really want to get [Mia Michaels'] style and work with her and prove to myself that I can learn. I just adore watching it, so I want to be able to do it myself."

Asuka Kondoh, 25, is a Latin ballroom dancer from Irvine, Calif.

Fun fact: She loves House quotes.

Quote: "The [style] one I'm nervous about is krumping. Imagine me, this, krumping. That's going to be a sight to see."

Janette Manrara, 25, is a salsa dancer from Miami.

Quote: "America has only seen me do crazy flips and salsa moves, but they don't know that I have a little thing hiding in the back pocket, that I can do a little bit of contemporary and a little bit of hip-hop."

Jeanine Mason, 18, is a contemporary dancer from Miami.

Fun Fact: She turned 18 five days before her audition, just squeaking by the age limit, then made it all the way to the So You Think You Can Dance Top 20!

Quote: "I first started dancing when I was three and what got me dancing was my mom. She always wanted to be a ballerina, but she never had the opportunity to."

Kayla Radomski, 18, is a jazz/contemporary dancer from Aurora, Colo.

Quote: "I came to audition for the show just from watching it from season one. This is something I always wanted to do."

Melissa Sandvig, 29, is a dancer from Los Alamitos, Calif.

Fun Fact: Judge Nigel Lythgoe christened the "naughty ballerina" during the audition process.

Quote: "If you Google naughty ballerina, you're not going to find me, you're going to find something totally naughty. So don't do that at home."

Paris Torres, 19, is a contemporary dancer from Issaquah Plateau, Wash.

Quote: "I'm obsessed with Joel McHale and The Soup, obsessed. Joel McHale... I love you!"

Ashley Valerio, 22, is a contemporary dancer from Mesa, Ariz.

Quote: "I want to work with Wade Robson, because I think he's brilliant and his piece with Jamie and Hok, I died. I loved it so much. I just wanted to be like Jamie, like a bird."


Kupono Aweau, 23, is a lyrical/contemporary dancer from Kailua, Hawaii.

Fun Fact: Chopped off his trademark mohawk to be more competitive.

Quote: "Prior to all of this I had been watching the show. The dances are untouchable. You don't even think that you can do that because they're ridiculous and amazing."

Tony Bellissimo, 20, is a hip-hop dancer from Hamburg, N.Y.

Quote: "I love Michael Jackson's Thriller, so when Wade did 'Ramalama' it was something I could relate to. It was really cool."

Brandon Bryant, 19, is a contemporary dancer from Utah.

Fun Fact: Discovered his passion after watching Britney Spears' "Crazy" video.

Quote: "Me and Mia have a rough surface right now, I'm trying to smooth it out. It'll be smooth, don't worry, but that's what I'm terrified of. [That] and ballroom."

Phillip Chbeeb, 20, is a popper from Houston.

Fun Fact: Phillip danced with former SYTYCD contestants and America's Best Dance Crew winners Hok Konishi and Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval.

Quote: "My whole goal here was to struggle, that's what I'm looking forward to, because I feel like there's no better way to get through this experience than to struggle and overcome it."

Jason Glover, 21, is a lyrical/contemporary dancer from Fresno, Calif.

Quote: "I started [dancing] when I was 12 because of a little girl that I had a huge crush on."

Vitolio Jeune, 26, is a contemporary dancer from PĂ©tionville, Haiti.

Quote: "When I was dancing in Haiti, you are shaking your bum-bum, but I started dancing professionally when I was 18."

Max Kapitannikov, 26, is a Latin ballroom dancer from Moscow, Russia.

Quote: "Most of Mia's choreography just really gives you this deep sense of what dance could be, so hopefully I'll get to work with her."

Evan Kasprzak, 21, is a Broadway dancer from West Bloomfield, Mich.

Fun Fact: He and his brother Ryan Kasprzak made it all the way through Vegas Week together, but Ryan was cut just before the Top 20.

Quote: "I started dancing at six and fell in love with it. The rest is history."

Ade Obayomi, 20, is a contemporary dancer from Phoenix.

Fun fact: Heidi and Spencer fighting got him hooked on The Hills.

Quote: "For me, Bollywood is the one I'm nervous about. It's new and I'm not familiar with the movement, so I don't know what to expect, so I'm just an open book with that one."

Jonathan Platero, 21, is a salsa dancer from Orlando, Fla.

Quote: "I auditioned in New York. I was actually on vacation, and I saw the posting for the audition the day before so I thought, might as well go try out."