Is Jason Trawick "The One" For Britney Spears?

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It seems like only last week that Britney Spears was better known for crazy antics and topless photos than she was for her hit records and concerts.

Oh, wait, there actually were pics of Britney Spears topless released last week. But they were older shots. And you know what we're saying here.

Brit and Sons

Nowadays, the former train wreck's signature sass is back, as is her killer body, and her album Circus a bona fide hit that spawned a fantastic tour.

Sources say Britney Spears radiates a glow – and for good reason: The pop star has found Prince Charming in longtime pal and agent Jason Trawick.

"He's fiercely protective of her," a colleague says of 37-year-old Jason, a William Morris agent, who has been the singer's "rock of reliability."

Some claim Jason is merely protecting his investment ("Britney's dad pays him a lot of money"), his colleagues insists their love is the real deal:

"He was there when everyone written off Britney, reconstructing her comeback, reminding her that fans still loved her and want her to be happy."

Even her sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston, 2 and 3, get along well with Jason Trawick, who accompanied the family on a trip to the Bahamas in May.

"Britney's boys adore him," says the source of Trawick, and perhaps more importantly, her parents, Jamie and Lynn Spears "think he's amazing."

The couple first met seven years ago in her prime, when Britney Spears was pitching a TV show for her cousin. "She thought he was cute," recalls the insider, "and she'd ask him to accompany her to events or to just hang out."

But then Britney Spears' life spiraled out of control, after two marriages, two pregnancies, a head shaving and multiple very public meltdowns.

Jason Trawick never wavered, however.

"He remained a staunch source of support. When she was lonely, she could call on a moments notice - this was even before they became intimate."

The engagement rumors that surfaced earlier this week were predictably false, but it's Britney - so could another wedding be on the horizon soon?

We can only wait and see, but "Jason set her back on course to do what she loves," his colleague says. "He's one of the only people she can trust."

Should Britney Spears and Jason Trawick get married?

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