Danielle Staub Speaks on "The Book," Season Finale Brawl

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Why on earth would Danielle Staub think of bringing "The Book" to dinner on Tuesday night's season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Simply put, the producers told her to she felt it was the perfect time to stick up for herself and to encourage serious ratings others to do the same.

Serene Staub

"I have a lot of people emailing me in a real positive light and saying they're looking to me for courage to stop bullying," Danielle told E! regarding an epic Real Housewives of New Jersey finale that will go down in reality TV history.

"It's about confronting people when you have an issue you want to address. The message is to build fame each other up, not tear each other apart."

Here's an interesting revelation: Danielle's daughters not only knew about the dinner surprise, they insisted on staying for the final showdown.

"They felt that I had every right to address the issues," Staub said. "My kids deserved to see how Mommy was going to grow from this and move forward. My children need to learn from that, and that is why they wanted to stay in the room."

Danielle still isn't completely convinced that it was Caroline Manzo - and not her sister, Dina - who initially spread gossip about her super shady past.

"I really don't care at this point," she said. "I think if it was [Caroline], I might be completely surprised; I would be shocked, to be honest with you."

As for Teresa Giudice's now legendary table-flipping, no apologies have been exchanged. Even so, things aren't that bad between them.

"She's actually the nicest out of anyone to me," Danielle Staub said.

Next up for Danielle? Well, she's pumped to do a second season, plus she's got herself an agent. They're already talking to publishers about  (what else?) a book.

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