New Moon Photos: Scenes from the Movie

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We've been on the New Moon set.

We've published a few New Moon spoilers.

But, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, we can now deliver a couple of still shots from the movie itself!

As the entire free world knows, New Moon is the sequel to Twilight. It opens on November 20. In the scene below, Bella (Kristen Stewart) is comforted by vampire Laurent (Edi Gathegi).

''I'm telling Bella not to be fearful of death. It's inevitable and painless,'' Gathegi said, adding that his character is no longer "conflicted," as he was in the original film.

Next, it's the scene every Twilight fan has yearned to see: Bella and Robert (Robert Pattinson), inching toward first base!

"I don't want him too present, so his apparition will be a subtle, flitting effect - clearly a reflection of Bella's will and desire to see him," director Chris Weitz told the magazine, referring to Edward's noticeable absence in the book.