Lost Season Finale Questions, Observations

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We have one word for last night's season finale of Lost:


Okay, we also have three more: That was awesome!

Consider this your last warning (Lost spoilers ahead!), before we list a series of questions related to the show. While we employ an intelligent staff at The Hollywood Gossip, Einstein himself would be scratching his head after the most recent two-hour episode of this ABC drama.

With that in mind, we're asking for help from our readers.

Here are the most pressing issues that will leave us perplexed until Lost returns with new episodes on January 2010. Reply in the Comments section with your thoughts, answers and observations...

  • Is Juliette really dead?
  • Is Jacob really dead?
  • If so, how much was he complicit in his own death? (He helped bring people back to the island; he taunted Ben immediately prior to being stabbed; and he warned his killers that "they" were coming.)
  • Remember the blurry old man in the cabin from so long ago? The apparition viewers were led to believe was Jacob? Instead, was that his long-time nemesis, asking Locke to "help" him kill his rival?
  • Who do these "in the shadow of the statue" people work for?
  • Where does Ben fit into all of this? Was he merely a pawn in the feud between Jacob and his acquaintance?
  • Whose side is Richard on?
  • His response to the question about what lies in shadow of the statue, translated from Latin, was: "He who will save us all." To whom is Richard referring?
  • Could Jacob work for the Fraternity of Assassins from the movie Wanted? They also followed the heeding of a loom. Might next season be based around car chases and curved bullets?

We could go on (and on and on and on). But we'll stop for now. What questions from the episode do you have? What answers do you have to the set posed about?

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