Jason Hummel "Feels Good" Confirming Affair Between Sister and Jon Gosselin

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Forget Jon & Kate Plus 8.

The story of Jon & Kate Plus 8, in Addition to One Lover and Two Disloyal Brothers is far more interesting.

A couple weeks after he accused sister Deanna Hummel of nailing reality TV star Jon Gosselin, Jason Hummel certainly isn't backing off his story. In fact, he's reveling in it.

"I am not a liar," he told E! News earlier today. "The rumors are true. It feels good to let people know that I am not the liar."

It must. Clearing up one's public perception - which never would have existed in the first place if Jason hadn't gone on record about the affair - is far more pressing than remaining loyal to one's sister.

In the video below, Jason adds that he thinks Jon and Deanna will continue to see one another; Jon may have tried to bribe him with Philles tickets; and the couple would defy Bristol Palin's anti-sex advice "at least three times per week."

Meanwhile, Deanna's OTHER brother, John, is also confirming his sister's affair.

"[Jason] is telling the truth, and they paint him in a bad picture, and that's why I'm here:to let people know he's telling the truth," John Hummel said to E! News.

As for Jon Gosselin, this John almost doesn't blame him for being unfaithful to his insane, annoying, nagging other half.

"His wife is crazy," said John. "I guess I would cheat on her, too."

As for Kate Gosselin's family? They aren't much more supportive. Her brother swears she and Jon have agreed to a marriage contract that permits him to pound any female flesh that comes his way... as long as he's on time for filming, of course.

Let's hope the children of Jon and Kate Gosselin aren't permitted to surf the Internet. Ever.

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