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It’s quite the day for celebrity divorce drama.

First, Alex Young and Kate Walsh make news after Young subpoenaed her boss – who happens to be president of ABC Entertainment – alleging she’s hiding money.

Then, Nas and Kelis return to the spotlight as a new rumor surfaces that Nas cheated on her, along with a court filing in which he refuses to pay spousal support.

Now it’s Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford and estranged hubby Daniel Giersch making a play for the most dysfunctional marriage title. They may have a case.

Rutherford, 40, claims their son, Hermes, is in danger because Giersch, 34, leaves the swimming pool uncovered at his Los Angeles home.

She knows this how?

Because the semi-crazy former Melrose Place star hired a private investigator last week to conduct three days of video surveillance on Giersch, natch.

So much for her pledge to “resolve things amicably.”

“Hermes is very young, very active, not water safe and in a moment’s notice, could fall into the swimming pool,” Kelly Rutherford warns in a court filing.

Giersch’s response: “Hermes is not in any danger whatsoever with regard to my pool because I have the pool fully covered with an automatic pool cover,” “Hermes has no access to the pool area unless I take him to the pool myself.”

Although video footage does confirm the pool was uncovered over three days, nothing egregious was witnessed, according to the investigator’s reports.

Either way, a judge ordered Giersch to keep his pool covered at all times.

Meanwhile, a hearing Friday will address their differences over whether it’s too stressful a time to potty train Hermes while his parents are in the midst of a divorce and custody battle and since the child is about to become a big brother.

Yes, as Gossip Girl fans surely know, Rutherford is pregnant with the ex-couple’s second child, a girl, and is due to give birth in three weeks. Stay tuned.