Fergie Promotes Girl-on-Girl Action, Claims Bisexuality

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Taking a page from Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox, singer Fergie is the latest celeb to announce that she likes both men and women. We mean sexually.

“Put it this way, I’ve experimented, definitely, but I have never had a steady girlfriend," the Black Eyed Peas front-woman revealed to the UK's Sun.

"You’re going to like our next video, for 'I Got A Feeling,' because I have a girl-on-girl tease, a little section of the video ... I met the girls right before we did the scene. They were beautiful. They were hot,” Fergie recalled.

Fergie, of course, recently married Josh Duhamel, so one wonders if this is just an "Ooh, look at me, I'm crazy and unconventional" Tila Tequila-esque ploy.

On the flip side, she's actually a talented performer who doesn't need to resort to such self-promotion, and has actually endured a rather troubled past.

How much of this statement is true, we may never know for sure. The more important question, whether you're a guy or a girl: Would you hit it?

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