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Yesterday, we reported that John Mayer and his new piece, Scheana Marie Jancan, met at a Beverly Hills lounge where Jancan was serving up drinks.

The two hit it off and exchanged numbers, and soon enough, they were also exchanging bodily fluids at his rented home in Calabasas, Calif.

Mayer’s new plaything loves it because there’s always plenty of beer and food to go around, according to celebrity gossip sources. Really.

The aspiring actress and model, 24, has so far found more success as a waitress, though she obtained a trademark for the name Miss Scheana Marie (just in case) and was recently named runner-up in a Hawaiian Tropic pageant.

Interestingly, Scheana Jancan was only 19 when she and other prospective Hooters girls sued the restaurant chain after they discovered they were being filmed after being instructed to don uniforms as part of their job interview.

Jancan went public with the sordid details of and eventually 40 other women joined the class action suit in 2004, though police indicate that they have video evidence that as many as 82 women were filmed in various states of undress.

Pretty messed up, Hooters. Although we bet it was a pretty hot video. We hate that douchebag so hard. Check out some pics of Scheana Marie Jancan below: