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In case she wasn’t aware of how many kids she has – it can be daunting to count that high – Nadya Suleman got a permanent reminder of her family last weekend.

Suleman, who already has seven tramp stamps, got her first in 16 years at Kustom Kulture in Hollywood – an angel with 14 stars and an infinity symbol.

Octomom says she got the new tattoo as a tribute to her brood.

Natalie Suleman at the Gym

“I just wanted to symbolize the eight babies and the six other kids. The angel represents that they’re angels – they all are miracles,” she said. “The angel’s dropping 14 stars, one for each child. That’s it. Kind of simple but meaningful to me.”

Nice to see California taxpayers pick up the tab for such a gesture.

You’d think that having no job, and being a tabloid mainstay herself, Nadya Suleman would be up on pop culture, but when a reporter asked Octomom about topics like Twitter and the vampire flick Twilight, she’s never heard of it.

“Why do they call it Twittering? What does that mean?” Suleman asked Radar Online. “Who invented that name – the same person who invented ‘Octomom?'”

Guess this also means she won’t be taking her 14 kids to see New Moon.

The former stripper admitted she was “nervous anticipating the pain” that comes with tattoos, but it wasn’t as bad as cranking out eight babies from her vagina.

“There were so many doctors ripping out the insides of me that my body was literally squashed,” she said of the octuplets’ birth. “It was so painful – so bad.”

Kind of like reading any news about her.