Melanie Brown Gets Nearly Nude for PEEPSHOW

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Say hello to Naked Spice.

In PEEPSHOW, a new production currently showing in Las Vegas, Melanie Brown portrays the role of the mistress of ceremonies, the Peep Diva.

It's not entirely clear what this play is about, except that not many layers of clothing are involved. Here's a look at Brown in the lead:

Peep Show Pic

It's hard to determine if going from The Spice Girls to this is a step down or not.

Either way, there's plenty more of a nearly nude Melanie Brown below. Click on each photo to enlarge it...

Naked Spice
Almost Naked
Peepshow Performer
Take a Peep
Mel B.
Goodbye, Clothes!
Nearly Nude Spice

[Photos: Splash News]


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Naked Spice
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