Kelly McGillis: Done with Men, Seeking Lesbian Partner

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Actress Kelly McGillis, who is best known as Tom Cruise's hot girlfriend in the 1986 hit movie Top Gun and has not been seen that often since, has revealed that she is single - but no longer searching for male companionship.

Yes, you read that correctly. Asked in a recent interview if she's looking to date a man or woman, the 51-year-old replied, "Definitely a woman."

Carrie Prejean is not gonna like this one bit.

The twice-divorced mother of two daughters – her movies also include 1985's Witness, with Harrison Ford, and 1988's The Accused, with Jodie Foster – said she's "done with the whole man thing. I did that. I need to move on in life."

"It's a part of being true to yourself. That's been a challenge for me."

Coming out as a lesbian was a long process involving difficult internal conflict, says Kelly McGillis (left, with Tom Cruise in Top Gun, and right, earlier this year).

It was "an ongoing process since I was probably 12. I had a lot of things happen that convinced me God was punishing me because I was gay," said Kelly McGillis, who was assaulted by an escaped rapist who broke into her apartment in 1982.

Now gray-haired and in rehearsals for The Little Foxes on stage in Pasadena, Calif., McGillis said she'd like to jump back onto the big screen – on one condition.

"Whenever I get an offer, they ask me to dye my hair," she says.

"And I just won't."

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