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Hannah Montana: The Movie is a sure bet to open at number-one this Friday.

But does the Miley Cyrus vehicle deserve to? We’ve scoured the Internet for a few reviews of the flick and come across the following takes:

You don’t eat a Twinkie to lose weight, and you don’t see this film to challenge yourself emotionally or intellectually.
– The Arizona Republic

Miley’s return to her Tennessee roots goes a little heavy on the country corn.
– The Hollywood Reporter

A goofily endearing romp that might even lasso a few new fans.
– Variety

It’s made for girls aged 6-14 and no one else… [and] they’re gonna love it.
– Associated Press

Will you be seeing it on the big screen? Click on the following images from the movie for an early look at Miley in the role that made her famous…