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We don’t just pick on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, her family and people associated with her family because it’s fun. Well, okay, it’s a little bit fun.

But they really need to stop getting arrested, talking about boning on the Tyra Banks Show, getting pregnant in high school or shooting wolves from helicopters. If such activities were to cease, we wouldn’t have much to talk about.

The latest Palin family drama surrounds Sarah Palin’s sister-in-law, Diana Palin, who was arrested on Thursday for allegedly burglarizing a house.

Not once, but twice in a matter of days!

Even better, she reportedly brought her four-year-old daughter along for this pair of high-stakes heists, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Citing an affidavit filed Friday, the Alaskan newspaper reported that Diana Palin (half sister to Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd Palin) was caught by the homeowner, Theodore Turcott, who was hiding in his bathroom with a gun.

He found Diana Palin going straight to a bedroom cabinet where he had kept his cash in the past. Turcott has been robbed several times in the last few weeks.

He lost $2,200 in a robbery on March 26, and nearly $400 on March 31.

Palin’s four-year-old daughter, who was waiting in the car Thursday, entered the house shortly before police arrived, the prosecutor stated during the hearing Friday.

The affidavit says the girl told cops she had been to the house days before with her mom. Diana Palin denied this, claiming she mistook the house for a friend’s place.

Diana Palin was slapped with felony burglary charges, along with misdemeanor theft and criminal trespassing in conjunction with the March 31 and April 2 incidents.

Unlike their statement bitch-slapping Levi Johnston for his comments about nailing Bristol, Governor Palin and her family have declined to comment on the matter.