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It won’t be for a lack of talent, but Allison Iraheta isn’t gonna win this season of American Idol.

Perhaps the 16 year-old crooner would have had a chance in past years, but she’s up against the incredible juggernaut that is Adam Lambert now. Everyone else on the show is simply singing for second place.

Fortunately for Iraheta, she’s already experienced a winning sensation.

According to reports, the young talent laid claim to the top prize of a 2007 competition, Telemundo’s Quinceañera: Mama Quiero Ser Artista (translation: Sweet Fifteen: Mom, I Want to be an Artist).

Allison pocketed a $50,000 cash prize and a recording contract for her victory, though she was not attached to any record label when she auditioned for Idol.

Still, does this taint the singer in any way? Should she have been allowed to compete on the Fox show?