Alleged Ashley Biden Drug Video Surfaces; Arrest Unlikely

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Vice President Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley Biden, is in hot water over a New York Post report saying that "an anonymous male acquaintance" is shopping a videotape showing the 27-year-old taking drugs at a recent party in Delaware.

According to the Post, the video was first offered for $2 million, but that figure was reduced to $400,000. Gossip site Radar Online has since reported the video was currently being offered for $250,000. Neither outlet was willing to pay for it.

Thomas Dunlap, an attorney who was working for owner of the tape, but who is no longer representing that person, first showed the tape to the Post.

The video has not been publicly released, and the Post reports that the woman in the 90 seconds of video "appears to resemble" Ashley Biden.

Ashley Biden is the youngest of Vice President Joe Biden's three children, and his only one with Jill Biden, his second wife. His first wife died in 1972.

No one has independently confirmed that it is the vice president's daughter, who works for the Delaware Department of Children, Youth and Their Families.

There are conflicting reports about the content of the video from the Post and Radar Online, the only two outlets that have reportedly viewed the thing.

The Post reported that the video camera "appears not to be concealed." Radar Online, however, has written that the footage was shot with a hidden camera.

The Post also reported a "red straw" is used in the video to snort cocaine. Radar Online, a gossip Web site, reported a "rolled-up dollar bill" was used.

Radar also claims Ashley Biden was apparently tricked by a “friend” trying to profit from selling the video to various media outlets. The man is said to have bought the cocaine and a hidden camera before bringing it to the party in question.

Wilmington, Del., police say the woman alleged to be Ashley Biden snorting cocaine in the tape, shot this year, clearly does not know she's being taped.

It has also been speculated that the seller may be investigated by police for his alleged entrapment of Biden, or whomever is shown on the supposed video.

Vice President Biden's office, instrumental in fighting drugs in America, has not responded to requests for comment, nor could Ashley Biden be reached.

Somewhere, Bristol Palin is smiling.

Ashley Biden with mom Jill Biden last year.


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