Madonna Who? A-Rod All Over A-Rod in Details

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Baseball's biggest star and biggest egomaniac posed for a series of HOT A-Rod-on-A-Rod fantasy pics in a new spread for the men's magazine Details.

Seriously, this is a weird ass collection of Alex Rodriguez photos.

We're guessing the Rod is a pretty big fan of himself. Just a hunch.

Girl-on-girl action is one thing, but guy-on-guy? The same guy? Peep it ...

Alex Rodriguez can't get close enough to his favorite human being.

Not sure what this so-called damned Yankee is confessing to now - taking steroids, sucking in the playoffs, dating manly strippers? - but do have to give the magazine credit for the "How Jesus Can Save Your Career" headline on the cover below.

Madonna allegedly dumped the Rod for model Jesus Luz. The irony.

If this sort of thing appeals to you, click to enlarge many more homoerotic and narcissistic pictures of the injured, disgraced baseball star ...

Alex Rodriguez Details Cover

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She's my f--king soulmate, dude.

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