Dumbass Dustin Diamond Sued For Unpaid Utility Bills

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Anyone who watched Celebrity Fit Club - or Saved By the Bell, or anything else he happened to appear in - knows Dustin Diamond is a total douchebag.

Seriously, dude is bordering on John Mayer levels of d-baggery. And it seems like there's no end in sight in the game of how low can the former star go.

Dude has had financial problems dating back to 2006 when he was staring at foreclosure on his house - and this was before the economic crisis, people.

He tried to sell t-shirts to save his house, then reportedly pocketed the funds for personal use, making him even more of a loser than originally believed.

Then he brought the Dirty Sanchez into the mainstream, teaming up with the late David Hans Schmidt to leak a sickening sex tape, Saved By the Smell.

Just kidding. It was actually called Screeched. But he really did defile those two skanks in that fashion. Follow the link above for a review of the video.

This man is a complete and utter douche. But you already knew that about Dustin Diamond. We will now get to the point of this news story, we swear.

Now the moron formerly known as Screech Powers is being sued by a local energy company, after neglecting to pay utility bills on his Wisconsin home.

According to court papers, the disgraced actor-comedian Dustin Diamond owes $2,079 to We Energies, and has until April 15 to respond to the lawsuit.

We only hope he doesn't make another porno to raise funds.

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