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Amy Winehouse should give Anna Faris a call.

The House Bunny beauty apparently enjoys smoking weed, according to the new issue of GQ. We mean really enjoys it. So much so that one of the things you’re almost certain to wind up talking about with her at any point is marijuana.

Specifically, on the set of her new movie, Observe and Report, she and Seth Rogen find themselves competing over who has won more Stony Awards, High Times magazine’s equivalent to the Oscar. They give out ceremonial bongs and everything.

Anna Faris as Christy

“Seth’s won more – he’s got like three,” laments Anna Faris, 32. “Mine’s up on my mantel at home. And occasionally, it gets used.” That’s awesome.

Okay, so she may be slightly off Rogen’s pace, but 1. So are most humans, and 2. She makes up for it with the hot pictures below. Click to enlarge: