Molly Malaney Emerges as a Favorite on The Bachelor

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Next week on an all-new The Bachelor: Five women, four roses. Which ladies make the final four cut and bring Jason Mesnick home for a hometown date?

We'll have to wait and see, but we sure wouldn't bet against Molly Malaney of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Molly got awfully cozy with J-Mes on the fourth week of the show, spending a romantic night camping out in a tent with him.

While others struggled through the episode to earn a rose, Malaney came out strong at the onset, earning a one-on-one date with single dad Jason after winning an entertaining, albeit awkward, songwriting / singing competition.

She made quite an impression on said date, as well.

Jason Mesnick, Molly Malaney

To the dismay of her competitors, Molly Malaney emerged as a clear favorite after canoodling with The Bachelor all night - and returning home in his clothes.

"The more I get to know her, the more I like her," Mesnick said, adding "her eyes are stargazing amazing." She responded that he gives her "butterflies."

Don't be surprised. According to Malaney's former teachers in Michigan, it's no surprise Jason would take a liking to their one-time shining star student.

"I know she'll handle herself with a lot of grace," Kris DeYoung, a teacher who knew Malaney from her stint in student government at Catholic Central High School, tells the Grand Rapids Press. "She's beautiful, smart, and so gifted."

"(The other teachers) and I were laughing because in Molly's senior yearbook she's voted as someone not lacking in self-esteem."

Molly Malaney definitely distinguished herself in high school. Besides being in the National Honor Society for her academics, she was a good athlete, too.

"Molly was our starting guard on our girl's varsity basketball team," said Rick Billings, a chemistry teacher. "She was also our best golfer."

Indeed. Fans of The Bachelor may recall that Malaney's opening line to Jason Mesnick in the season premiere was asking about his golf swing.

We'll see how this Midwestern cutie fares next week against Naomi, Jillian, single mom Stephanie and former cheerleader Melissa Rycroft, all formidable foes.

How do you think she'll do? Will Molly Malaney win The Bachelor?

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