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Katrina Darrell flaunted her hooters to garner publicity as American Idol’s “bikini girl” last week.

In news less shocking than Jason Mesnick’s eventual break up with his selected suitor on The Bachelor, it turns out that audition wasn’t the first time Darrell used her breasts for attention.

No matter what new contestants such as Adam Lambert and John Twiford do, they continue to be upstaged by Katrina Darell during the first few installments of American Idol.

According to Radar Online, the aspiring singer used to work at Hooters. She got fired after three months on the job because she left in the middle of a shift to attend an audition.

“All Katrina ever talked about was becoming famous. Her one aim in life was to make it in Hollywood,” said a friend, who added:

“Some girls who work at Hooters are embarrassed by the tight shorts and skimpy tops they have to wear, but Katrina loved it. She always had her shorts pulled up the tightest and her T-shirt knotted up to show off the most midriff. She loved the attention.”