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Jodie Sweetin and her estranged husband, Cody Herpin, “are working hard to avoid a protracted custody battle,” the actress’ lawyer said.

The former Full House star, 26, and Herpin, 31, attended their first joint mediation session this week at an Orange County, Calif., court.

“They’re currently trying to work things out regarding the custody of and sharing of their child,” attorney Wilma Presley says.

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“As far as reconciliation as a couple goes, you just never know.”

Despite the recent drama, “Jodie is doing very well,” Presley added. “She had a very nice Christmas. She had her daughter on Christmas Eve and morning, and so far, the sharing has been smooth. There haven’t been complaints from either side.”

Presley says that Jodie Sweetin is also “working hard on maintaining her sobriety and attending a 12-step program,” as well as dedicating time to her book, which is an autobiography about both her childhood stardom and personal struggles.

Calls to Cody Herpin’s lawyer, Robert Benavente, weren’t returned.

A judge ruled at a December 17 hearing that custody over Zoie, 9 months, was to be shared 50-50, and that custody time would take place at her parents’ home where she lives, or if not at home, in the presence of her parents.

Presley stressed this was not monitored custody, because Jodie Sweetin can drive their daughter alone to and from Cody Herpin’s residence.

The December hearing was held after Cody Herpin made accusations that Sweetin had recently fallen off the wagon into substance abuse.

Sweetin, a recovering alcoholic and meth addict, admitted to having two glasses of wine recently, but denied relapsing into meth use.

Sweetin filed for legal separation from Herpin on November 19, seeking joint custody of their daughter. Herpin responded on December 4, seeking sole custody.