Blake Fielder-Civil: Taunted By Fellow Inmates, Planning to Use Amy Winehouse Love Letter in Divorce Case

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Amy Winehouse’s jailed husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, has vowed to avoid all contact with the troubled singer, and may use one of her love letters to back up demands for a share of her fortune during divorce proceedings.

"Blake doesn’t want a reconciliation with Amy now," his mom, Georgette Fielder-Civil, said following a report in the British press that her son may use the letter to demonstrate how important he was to Winehouse's career.

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According to the News of the World, which published excerpts of her letter, Winehouse, 25, promises in it that she will write new albums especially for Fielder-Civil, 26.

Specifically, the drug-addled singer proclaimed that:

  • She was constantly thinking of her "wonderboy" husband.
  • Blake Fielder-Civil is “most beautiful creature” she’d ever seen.
  • She longed to “smell and taste” him as she sat home alone.
  • She spent £3,000 on sexy lingerie and couldn’t wait to “f**k” him.
  • That she would write more albums for him - a few albums, even.
  • That "your lips with mine are royal cushions that carry away in sweet savage dreams the minute they meet. You are a REAL boy." LOL.

But despite all the steamy words - and with Blake behind bars at Edmunds Hill Prison, Suffolk - Amy had an affair with her manager’s assistant, Alex Haines.

Riddled with guilt, she confessed to Blake Fielder-Civil.

He forgave her but she stopped sending letters and didn’t visit again.

Blake finally made the dramatic decision to divorce her two weeks ago after she was seen cuddling up with hunky Josh Bowman, 21, in the Caribbean.

Blake’s mother gave up the bombshell love letter to the celeb gossip media shortly after, admitting she’d been enraged by Amy Winehouse humiliating Blake in public like that - and branding him a flop in bed no less.

“Amy’s been incredibly cruel with her comments.” said Georgette.

“It was so unnecessary. This love letter completely contradicts what she’s been saying. It will be an important part of his divorce case.”

A legal source said: “The letter could be pivotal as it proves how important Blake was to Amy’s career. By the time the case gets to court Amy could be worth as much as £12 million and realistically Blake could end up with a quarter of that.”

The songs on Amy Winehouse's worldwide bestseller Back to Black are widely believed to be inspired by the pair's early, rocky relationship.

For his part, Blake Fielder-Civil says he can't forgive her for two-timing him in the same St. Lucia resort where they spent their 2007 honeymoon.

“Does anyone deserve this kind of treatment?” he wrote. “Am I that bad?”

And shattered Blake - back in jail after failing a drugs test in rehab on early release - revealed how Amy’s attack on his sexual prowess has made him the butt of prison jokes: “Amy’s words and actions have disappointed me a lot."

“The comment on my ability in the bedroom has caused a lot of humour among my fellow inmates. I must try harder with my next girlfriend!"

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