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Is Britney Spears really dating Bollywood choreographer Sandip Soparrkar, as some celebrity news publications and sites have reported this week?

Are they planning on spending New Year’s together? Was she even in India over the past week and a half? What is the nature of their relationship?

India’s Daily Times spoke to Sandip Soparrkar, his business partner Jessy Randhawa, the hotel where Britney was supposed to be staying, security forces that would normally provide cover for a star of her status, and got to the bottom of it.

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It appears the pop star was in fact there for two days, Soparrkar’s partner says, despite the strange lack of any Britney Spears photos to prove it.

Any real ones, that is. There is this obvious fake circulating, which is actually an old picture of Britney and Neil Patrick Harris (see comparison) …

As for the timeline of Britney’s whirlwind trip to India, “She came in late Friday night. Saturday morning. She left this morning (on December 29) at about 2-2:30 am. She came, she rehearsed and she left,” Randhawa said.

Asked for comment, Sandip strenuously denied having anything romantic to do with Britney – who he did work on “Womanizer” with, but who says he did not meet at Madonna’s 50th birthday party this year, as the rumors say.

But then who’s spreading these stories and sending fabricated pictures like the one above – which was circulated via Sandip’s own email account?

The choreographer points the finger at one well-connected person

“Larry Rudolph,” Sandip Soparrkar said. “He is Britney’s manager, and he had come with her when she travelled here for the weekend, and he said he had issues with his laptop and his Internet connection was not working very well.”

“He asked if he could mail it from my ID, so I said he could. And when he was working on my computer, I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what he sent.”

How can Sandip Soparrkar disown accountability for something sent from his laptop, his email, his ID, and not even see what was being sent?

“He being the spokesperson and manager for her, I don’t know what he sent. He’s kind of rude, so I didn’t converse much with him,” Sandip said.

“Larry had said he wanted to fuel certain things about Britney and get promotion for the video which will soon be released in Asia and Australia. So I told him if you want to use something to fuel, it’s okay, it’s fine with me, not a problem, but if it’s going to get a little too much, I don’t want my life to get affected with it, you know?”

When asked about the doctored picture above, and whether it came from Rudolph, he said, “He’s not even shown me what pictures he has.”

What about them “locking themselves up” for an hour, as the stories going around are suggesting? “We did, but for rehearsal,” Sandip saod.

But if Rudolph did spread the rumors, what’s the point? Does Britney Spears need a story about dating Sandip Soparrkar to be in the news?

“No, but maybe she wants a little more push in India?” Jessy, his partner, said. “I don’t think it’s Sandip who’s actually doing this (spreading the rumors).”

“This is being done by the same people who spread the London story. People who are crazy about being in the media, they can lie sometimes. But he doesn’t have the power, if you’re blaming him. The whole country’s writing about him, isn’t it?”