50 Cent: Pillow Talk Ain't No Contract

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Note to Shaniqua Tompkins: If 50 Cent makes you some nice promises after a good lay, don't hold him to it. At least not in a court of law.

That's the basic gist of his latest legal action. 50 Cent is firing back at his baby mama after she filed a $50 million breach of contract suit.

In a response, Fiddy says that anything he ever said to Shaniqua Tompkins is "nothing more than pillow talk and romantic declarations of love."

Just another chapter in an epic legal battle that has included allegations of arson and kidnapping, and more counter-suits than you can count.

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In case there is any doubt as to how he feels about the issue, 50 even lays it out in the simplest, most irrefutable terms possible - "If I ever intended to make that kind of commitment to [Tompkins], then I would have married her."

Come on, Shaniqua Tompkins. Everybody knows that a guy will say just about anything in the 5-10 minutes after ... you know. Delusional, girl.

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