Campaign 2008: The Greatest Hits Video Collection

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When the voting begins in less than 24 hours, the longest and by far the most entertaining presidential campaign in history will finally draw to a close.

No matter whose side you're on, it's been a wild ride. Here are of the best moments from the '08 campaign, from Saturday Night Live spoofs to PSAs, to fights erupting on The View to classic sound bites from the candidates themselves ...

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[video url="/videos/tina-fey-and-sarah-palin-on-saturday-night-live/" title="Tina Fey and Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live"] [/video]

[video url="/videos/john-mccain-on-letterman/" title="John McCain on Letterman!"] [/video]

[video url="/videos/paris-hilton-for-president/" title="Paris Hilton For President"] [/video]

[video url="/videos/sarah-palin-on-snl-weekend-update/" title="Sarah Palin on SNL Weekend Update"] [/video]

[video url="/videos/sarah-palin-greatest-hits/" title="Sarah Palin Greatest Hits"] [/video]

[video url="/videos/alec-baldwin-on-sarah-palin/" title="Alec Baldwin on Sarah Palin"] [/video]

[video url="/videos/bush-endorsement/" title="Bush Endorses McCain-Palin (SNL)"] [/video]

[video url="/videos/heidi-and-spencer-talk-politics/" title="Heidi and Spencer Talk Politics"][/video]

[video url="/videos/sarah-palin-talks-to-katie-couric/" title="Sarah Palin Talks to Katie Couric"] [/video]

[video url="/videos/sarah-palin-and-hillary-clinton/" title="Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton"] [/video]

[video url="/videos/john-mccain-on-snl/" title="John McCain on SNL"] [/video]

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