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The earth-shaking comeback of Britney Spears rolls on.

Our girl’s got a hit single, an album ready to drop in two weeks, a brand new website, a hot airbrushed body, a tour in the works and lots, lots more.

Today’s announcement: Britney will be taking part in one the biggest annual holiday traditions: the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree!

On December 3, the day after she turns 27 and her new album, Circus, hits record stores, Britney will be in the Big Apple for the tree-lighting extravaganza.

BACK ON TOP: Britney Spears’ mega-comeback included some big wins at the MTV VMAs. Which are totally rigged and arbitrary, but that’s neither here nor there.

What’s still unclear is whether or not she’ll be performing at the ceremony, or just hangin’ around with host Al Roker for the NBC broadcast of the event.

We’d bet against her singing, since she sort of can’t, whatsoever, in a live setting, but it’s awesome that she’s gonna be there in the heart of N.Y. City.

Speaking of Rockefeller Plaza, 30 Rock quotes are pretty funny. You should watch the show. It’s actually pretty great even though it doesn’t get much press.