Blake Fielder-Civil Released From Prison

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Amy Winehouse's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, 26, was released from Edmunds Hill Prison in Suffolk, England, today. He is free for the first time in 12 months.

His freedom was somewhat short-lived - Fielder-Civil is believed to have checked into rehab at a facility immediately as part of the terms of his early release.

Amy and Blake Picture

He was to serve as much as 27 months behind bars.

Amy Winehouse remained holed up at her home after checking out of a London Clinic Monday, where she was receiving treatment for a "chest infection."

It is not yet clear when the couple will be reunited.

AH, THE HAPPY DAZE: With Blake Fielder-Civil free for the first time in a year, a return to his carefree, drug-abusing days with Amy Winehouse can't be far off.

The freed Fielder-Civil was grinning from ear to ear as he emerged this morning wearing his typical apparel: ripped jeans, striped T-shirt and a trilby hat.

He was, however, showing signs of his time behind bars (not to mention hard drug use), sporting a chipped front tooth and red scratches down his arms.

Blake Fielder-Civil pleaded guilty to assaulting James King, 36, outside a pub, then plotting to bribe him £200,000 to skip the country and not testify.

It's almost a year to the day since eight plain-clothed officers handcuffed Fielder-Civil at the couple's flat in Bow, East London, and led him off to jail.

Fielder-Civil's own mother, Georgette, has expressed concern about his return to Winehouse's world and his family are desperate for him to stay with them.


Blake Fielder-Civil Quotes

Me and Amy are always gonna be close but we've decided we're better as friends. The fact is we're in an open relationship (well I didn't know we were til recently!!!) but I don't want that. I just want a loyal sweet, staunch, slutty girlfriend.

Blake Fielder-Civil [to pen pal Melissa Goldstone]

Everyone blames the drugs for [Amy Winehouse] being a f****** mess (or they blame me), but to be honest I've done drugs all my f****** life and it didn't turn me into a complete **** ... well a little bit I guess.

Blake Fielder-Civil [to pen pal Melissa Goldstone]