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Rumors are swirling online that Lauren Conrad has been “hooking up” with Audrina Patridge’s pseudo-boyfriend, and neither Audrina nor LC is happy about it.

“These rumors are very confusing and hurtful,” Audrina blogged Friday. “I’m not sure what to believe,” she writes, noting that she and her boyfriend, Justin Brescia (a.k.a. Justin-Bobby), “have not been exclusive for quite some time.”

Lauren Conrad took to MySpace Friday to set the record straight.

You Know What You Did

“This accusation is insulting on so many levels,” she posted. “I did not and would never hook up with Justin. I’m accused of being a bad friend, a slut and a liar all at once. It would actually be funny if people weren’t taking it seriously.”

LC did not hesitate to call out the people – one sleazeball from The Hills and one celebrity blogger – she believes might be responsible for the rumors.

“Once again, someone has mysteriously called Perez Hilton and had him post another insane and completely false rumor about me. Hmmmm… I wonder who it could be? I’m baffled… What kind of person would enjoy watching blogs and the press tear me apart? Who is someone that I do not get along with, that possibly has too much time on his hands (between pathetically staged paparazzi shots).”

Oh. Snap. That one hurts, Spencer. The last line especially.

Lauren Conrad also spoke directly to Audrina in her post:

“We promised we wouldn’t let people get into our ears and make us fight,” LC blogged. “You KNOW I didn’t do this and I have never given you a reason not to trust me. What you are doing is hurtful and I don’t want to fight with you.”

Audrina Patridge‘s initial response implies she is at least partially suspicious of LC, who in turn took at least a little offense at that fact. Obviously.

For what it’s worth, Audrina and Justin-Bobby are definitely still on.

They recently hung out at West Hollywood’s Crown Bar, where a witness says they were “inseparable… giggling, laughing, playfully holding hands.”

Lauren Conrad recently broke up with fling Doug Reinhardt on The Hills. She has since been frequently linked to My Boys star Kyle Howard.

The pair frequently stop in for jazz night at Teddy’s at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and were recently seen together there on October 2.