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Forget Joe the Plumber.

Heather the Gold Digger thinks that spreading the wealth around is a fantastic idea. Paul McCartney’s ex is hemmoraging cash!

According to The Sun, Heather Mills has already burned through $20 million of the $50 million divorce settlement she received from McCartney. In less than a year. Here’s a look at a few of her recent expenses:

  • She had a $2 million pool put into her England home;
  • She bought a $5 million apartment in New York City;
  • Spent around $12 million in renovating her other houses around the world;
  • Paid her staff members around $500,000 each;
  • Donated $1 million in vegetarian food to a group of kids in the Bronx.

“Heather’s been moaning her money isn’t going as far as she thought, but she’s just burning her way through it,” a source told the newspaper. “She reckons she has spent [$20 million] since the divorce and still doesn’t have a finished house to live in. She hasn’t changed. In her eyes the whole world is against her.”

Doesn’t Mills remember what her ex-husband sang about years ago? Money can’t buy you love.

Ha! Ha! I’m a money-hungry former call girl!