The Hills Recap: "When Lauren's Away"

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EDITOR'S NOTE: While The Hills is usually totally predictable due to the deluge of paparazzi photos / spoilers online, we totally did not expect Doug Reinhardt to be cock-blocked by Brody Jenner's mom. Best surprise plot twist ever!

As this episode of The Hills gets underway, Lauren Conrad packs for a trip to Italy. The reason for the trip is never explained. Nor does it matter.

Speidi Smooch

Like five seconds after LC leaves, Stephanie Pratt arrives to tell Audrina Patridge about how Doug Reinhardt asked her out. Audrina suggests to Stephanie that she wait until Lauren gets back and just give her a little heads up.

Audrina and Lo - who are apparently getting along better these days - have lunch and Audrina her in about the Stephanie-Doug Reinhardt date sitch.

Lo is flabbergasted. Audrina says that's a no-no, then wonders aloud why Stephanie Pratt would want sloppy seconds. Audrina's words, not ours!

THE VOICE OF REASON: For once, it was Audrina Patridge talking sense into people (or at least trying to) on this typically drama-filled episode of MTV's The Hills.

That night at Goa, Audrina and Lo are chillin' when whaddaya know, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag arrive! Heidi says hi to Auds, who seems genuinely happy to see her. Lo, however, looks like she wants to stab herself in the eye with a fork.

Heidi, like, cannot believe about Doug Reinhardt and Stephanie Pratt either, then invites Audrina and Lo to a Bolthouse X-Games Party the next night. There they hang out with Justin-Bobby, who's looking like an even bigger d-bag than usual!

Later, even Spencer is telling Stephanie that the date is a bad idea, but she's not getting the message. She goes through with the date, and it's clear by what she's wearing that this is no "friends" kinda date. Oh no.

At dinner, Stephanie asks Doug about Brody Jenner - y'know, Doug's pal, and the guy who hates her and everything. They move on to how she didn't tell Lauren Conrad about the date, and then Doug asks - ever so subtly - what she's doing afterwards.

Dude is a smooth operator, or at least thinks he is.

Suddenly, Brody's mom - yes, Linda Thompson - arrives at the restaurant and awkwardly says hi to both of them. Brody and Spencer are old friends, and he's now friends with Doug, so she knows both. Man, talk about awkward!

Lauren Conrad gets home from Italy and hears the deets on Doug from Audrina and Lo. Even though you knew it was coming, her reaction was priceless.

That night, Lauren and Brody go out to dinner and he fills her in, saying Doug called it a "business dinner" to him but that his mom totally busted them. Brody calls it "ironic," which is not the correct usage of the word at all, but whatevs. We get the point.

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