Michael Phelps Aggressively Pursues Piece of A$$

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And if the Olympics taught us anything, it's that what Michael Phelps wants, Michael Phelps takes. No please or thank yous will be exchanged.

This amazing caught-in-the-act picture by Radar Magazine shows Michael Phelps in hot pursuit of another world record (piece of booty) at the Playboy Club at Las Vegas' famed Palms Casino recently. Looks like the desired result was attained.

Michael Phelps Photo

The eight-time gold medalist was "massively skeeving on girls" and accompanied by "an entourage of striped-shirted schmucks," one of whom had the responsibility of turning a flashlight on anyone attempting to photograph the swimmer.

That such a photo was obtained despite the efforts of his posse illustrates Radar's dedication to in-depth reporting. Well done, Radar. See below ...

Michael Phelps definitely deserves a gold medal ... in ass-grabbing.

Guess after being falsely linked with everyone from Stephanie Rice to Carrie Underwood and Nicole Johnson, Phelps decided he'd actually seek out some tail. Hard to blame him, but come on, Mike. Don't be a d-bag. Be a little discreet.

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