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No, not personally – but Lynne Spears is miffed that people vilified pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears, then praised the knocked up Bristol Palin.

This wasn’t just the hypocritical reaction of idiots like Bill O’Reilly, either. Most of the general public had a “totally different reaction” to the teen pregnancies of Jamie Lynn and Bristol, Lynne said in an interview with Newsweek.

“It’s as if [Sarah Palin] became celebrated,” Lynne said.

Jamie Lynn Spears and Jamie Watson and Kids

“I mean, the mother was celebrated for this… Every woman in the world applauded her strength and convictions and poor Jamie Lynn, you saw how she was crucified – everybody did, firsthand. I just feel like it’s been a very hypocritical situation.”

We’d have to agree.

In December, Jamie Lynn Spears, then 16, announced her pregnancy. She got engaged to Casey Aldridge and gave birth to daughter Maddie Briann in June at age 17.

In August, Sarah Palin, the Alaska Governor and Republican V.P. candidate, revealed that her 17-year-old daughter, Bristol Palin, is expecting and engaged to Levi Johnston.

“Do I promote teen sex? Of course not,” Lynne said. “Do I promote teen pregnancy? Of course not. But when it happens, you deal with it and you do the best you can do.”

Britney Spears’ mom added: “Jamie Lynn has done beautifully with what she’s done. Could every other teenager do what Jamie Lynn has done? No, indeed.”

Lynne also rebutted criticism that Jamie Lynn Spears glamorizes teen pregnancy.

“We don’t want this said, ’cause this would be glamorizing, but I will tell you a secret: her baby does sleep all night,” she said. “What do you think about those apples? Maddie is the best baby I have ever seen. She is like a little angel!”

Lynne, the author of a new, tell-all memoir titled Through the Storm, told Newsweek that she “really can’t give advice” to Sarah Palin’s family.

“Everybody’s situation is different,” she said.

“I would never tell anybody else what to do with their child. I would never attempt to make them think I knew more about their child. Even if they were to ask, I would tell them dig deep, what do you think?”