Celebrity Baby Sighting: Honor Marie

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Jessica Alba has Honor.

No, seriously, she has her in her arms in the photo below.

Jayden James and Bodyguard

We don't know where father Cash Warren was at the time this picture was taken. But we do know he has himself a beautiful family.

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Jessica Alba Biography

Alba in GQ
Jessica Alba is not a great actress. No, not even close. She may not even be moderately good. But have you seen those legs? Hot damn. She... More »
Pomona, California
Full Name
Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Quotes

I’m waiting. We’re not sure what the name is going to be. My name was Faradon Luisa for three days. I don’t want to make that mistake with my kid.

Jessica Alba [on naming her unborn child]

[Pregnancy is] the most beautiful thing that can happen to you.

Jessica Alba