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Sorry Ron White. Your time in the celebrity arrest spotlight has passed.

Kanye West has been arrested for felony vandalism at L.A.’s LAX Airport.

A celebrity gossip photographer was trying to take photos of the rapper at the American Airlines terminal on Thursday morning when he confronted the photographer and smashed his camera to the ground, according to reports.

After a photographer from celeb news site TMZ began videotaping the scene, West’s assistant quickly grabbed the camera and a struggle ensued.

The assistant, who also arrested, then threw the video camera to the ground, breaking it. Kind of a d!ck move if you ask us, although we weren’t there.

TMZ reports that when Kanye West realized the photographer had videotaped the incident, he yelled, “Gimme that f*%$#ng tape!”

People just have no love for celebrity gossip. Sad.