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Or, as Lauren Conrad says of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, in a line not at all fed to her by executive producer Adam DiVello, “I don’t know if it follows them as much as they chase it.” So profound, LC. So profound.

On the second episode of The Hills’ 4th season, Stephanie Pratt invites Lauren Conrad to her birthday party. That sounds well and good, until we learn Spencer and Heidi are gonna roll, too. Great ready for hectic drama!

Whitney Port saw this one coming big time. At work, she shows some concern when Lauren tells her that she’s going to Stephanie Pratt’s party, feeling that a run in with Heidi and Spencer is inevitable – and far from pretty.

On the career front, Whitney gets invited out to dinner with Kelly Cutrone and other People’s Revolution peeps. She seems to be moving up in the company and getting more responsibility, which excites her but also nervous.

At Epic Records, Audrina Patridge vents to Chiara about Lo – who must have gone to a stylist right before they went out, because she looks flat-out ridic to us. Anyway, Audrina and Lo vow to try to make nice at the party.

They don’t really succeed.

It was a Pratt family feud last night on The Hills.

At first, Spencer Pratt didn’t even want to show his ugly mug at Stephanie’s b-day party. Unfortunately for us, Heidi talks into into it, telling him not to let LC ruin his relationship with a family member. Spencer agrees, but only reluctantly.

Lauren and Lo arrived at Steph’s party first, with Audrina Patridge, Frankie Delgado, Brody Jenner and Doug Reinhardt showing up a little later.

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When Spencer and Heidi Montag arrive, Brody immediately decides to flee, to avoid the drama that will invariably follow, and takes Frankie with him.

Smart move. Spencer sees LC and Lo and one second after seeing Steph, asks her to “please get these obnoxious chicks away from me.” Hilarious.

Lauren Conrad then leaves with, Lo, Doug and Audrina.

The next day, the slimy Spencer goes to see Stephanie Pratt to talk about everything that happened last night. He tells her that as long as she is hanging out with LC and her friends, he wants nothing to do with her.

After playing the family card approximately 30 times, Spencer Pratt even said if he could find a way to not make her his sister, he would. D!ck.

Meanwhile, at People’s Revolution, Kelly Cutrone offers Whitney Port a new position as co-worker Jessica gets the axe. If she takes it, Whitney would have to make the move to New York (noooo!) – but it’s a huge promotion.

Stay tuned there. Finally, at school, Stephanie catches up with LC to tell her that she’s sorry about Spencer. Seems like a recurring theme.

In a sort of b!tchy but upfront moment, Lauren Conrad tells Stephanie that even her friends don’t trust her – for what looks like good reason.