Ranae Shrider's Lawyer: Seriously Hating on Verne Troyer

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Ranae Shrider may have tossed Verne Troyer around physically.

But the the sex tape star's lawyer is really giving it to the tiny actor verbally.

As reported by TMZ, Keith Davidson refers to Troyer as "a small-minded, vindictive, heartbroken, desperate and trivial celebrity."

Come on, Mr. Davidson, tell us how you really feel!

"Mr. Troyer would be better served retiring his Federal and state tax obligations rather than suing a girl who he dated for only three months before videotaping their diminutive sessions."

It's time to choose a side, America: Are you on Team Ranae or Team Verne?

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I put all the trust in her. She kept the tape in her camera on top of the closet where I couldn't even reach it

Verne Troyer [on Ranae Shrider]

When you pick up a 2'8" human being and throw him to the floor, it hurts.

Verne Troyer's attorney